Web & Mobile Application Services

Web Applications

ABTS is a well-established web application development company with an impressive track record of over two decades. Our core expertise lies in process-based ERP development, offering our clients scalable and customized solutions. With end-to-end web application development services, we provide comprehensive control, flexibility, and scalability to effectively manage online commerce in dynamic virtual marketplaces. Understanding the intricacies of n-tier client-server architecture allows us to design process-based ERP systems and web-based portals that streamline operations, facilitate real-time data utilization, and empower organizations with efficient decision-making and resource management capabilities.

Web Development for Streamlined Business Processes

Ongoing Application Support and Maintenance

Enterprise Web Application Development

Performance Improvement for Business Growth

Highly Secure Web Applications for Successful Digital Transformation

Mobile Applications

We excel in delivering cutting-edge Enterprise Mobility services, leveraging mobile technologies to revolutionize operations and enhance customer experiences. Our team of mobility experts implements mobile-first strategies, driving professional efficiency, collaboration, and business enablement across various industries, including retail, manufacturing, fashion, travel, and real estate.

Maximize Workforce Efficiency with Mobile Analytics and Smart Apps

Unlock Digital Opportunities with Advanced M-Commerce Capabilities

Deliver Intuitive Digital Experiences for Enhanced Customer Engagement

Empower Actionable Business Intelligence with Enhanced Real-Time Data Accuracy

Leverage Mobility to Unlock Digital Capital Value