Rolling Stock

Asa Bhanu Technical Services (ABTS) has a core business unit dedicated to Rail Transportation Engineering, which was established in 1998. Over the past two decades, ABTS has played a prominent role in the Metro/Railway sector, undertaking various responsibilities and contributing significantly to the field.

Under the Rail Transportation Engineering division, ABTS has been involved in a wide range of activities. These include but are not limited to, providing testing & Commissioning and Maintenance services that advance economy efficiency and safety in rail transportation.

ABTS has worked closely with large OEMs government authorities, public transportation agencies, and private sector clients to deliver comprehensive solutions in the Metro/Railway sector. Our expertise extends to areas such as signalling systems, rolling stock maintenance, electrification, and overall project management. Our dedication to excellence, customer satisfaction, and commitment to the advancement of rail transportation has positioned us as a trusted partner in to all sectors the industry.

ABTS has participated in many Metro projects and has experience of working on Rolling Stock of major international and local make.


Services Offering

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Project Management and Interface

We undertake the following principal activities

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Testing and Commissioning

ABTS has long experience of performing testing and commissioning activities of metro train projects

Factory Tests

Site tests

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Preventive Maintenance

ABTS perform Preventive maintenance activities of Rolling stock

Corrective Maintenance

ABTS provides corrective maintenance services of Rolling stock

Overhauls, Modifications and Retrofitting

ABST undertakes Overhauls, modifications and retrofitting of Rolling Stock


ABTS supports their overseas customers by sourcing material, equipment and components from India. Our services in this include total vendor management such as

Technical Documentation

ABTS provides the following Technical documentation services for Rolling stock

Interface with other systems

ABTS on behalf of the clients, interfaces with various systems associated with metro rail. ABTS has the ability to coordinate and review the interface requirements and suggest suitable solutions that are mutually agreeable to both parties.

Field Testing & Commissioning

Testing & commissioning plays an important role in delivering the train to site and handover the train to customer within the schedule.

ABTS has long experience in testing and commissioning activities of metro train projects for the past 20 in India and overseas.

ABTS with its dedicated base of engineering resources undertake all the Testing & commissioning activities associated with Rolling stock equipment.

Preventive, Corrective Maintenance and Overhaul of Rolling Stock

ABTS undertake comprehensive maintenance of rollingstock. The responsibilities encompassed include all aspects of day-to-day operation with Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of paramount importance enabling the trainsets to be returned to traffic within the shortest possible time frame.

Sourcing of Components

We also provide support in localization and in establishing local procurement for Rolling stock equipment. Our services in this sector include total vendor management such as identifying the suitable suppliers, obtaining quotations, negotiating contracts (prices & conditions)   follow-up for timely progress and on schedule delivery. We ensure quality in every step of Supply Chain Management.

Technical Documentation

Our capabilities in Engineering, testing and maintenance aspects of rolling stock facilitate clear understanding of client requirements and provide the technical documentation in a smooth manner.

We offer our services in preparation of Operation & Maintenance manuals, Training manuals and design documentation.

Comprehensive Maintenance

Our Rolling Stock Services across in India & Abroad