Embedded Software Services

As a leading embedded software development company, we offer comprehensive solutions for embedded software development, covering design, development, integration, testing, and maintenance. Our expertise encompasses various areas such as embedded apps, firmware, middleware, device drivers, HMIs, and web-based SCADA systems. Experience the power of efficient control and automation in industrial applications by leveraging our proficiency in HMI and SCADA system development. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with Graphic Optic Terminals (GOTs) and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), enhancing control and monitoring capabilities. Furthermore, our substation automation and control systems ensure seamless data integration in digital substations, supporting multiple protocols and adhering to industry standards such as IEC 61850 for effective communication between Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs).  

Our expertise includes

Integrated HMI and SCADA Solutions for Factory Automation

Efficient Control and Automation with IEC 61131 Language-Centric Approach

Seamless Data Integration

Cutting-Edge Solutions

Advanced HMI and SCADA Solutions for Solar Power Stations