Power- Transmission & Distribution

What we offer

Offering a Safe and Wide range of substation Services

Substation Engineering Services

ABTS is a trusted partner for complete design of substation projects (both AIS & GIS) up to 400 KV. ABTS has over two decades of experience in the design of substations and delivered several prestigious substation design projects globally.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction of Substations

ABTS undertakes Completed Electrical Substation Works which include Civil Constructions to Serve the Entire Portfolio of Design, Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of Substations. We have executed number of Substations for State Utilities, Railways and Industry all over India.

Field Services

ABTS Field service group undertakes services such as Supervision of Erection, Testing & Commissioning and Trouble shooting. ABTS also provides Operation & Maintenance services ensuring highest availability, reliability and optimal utilization of substations.

Sourcing & Procurement

ABTS has Strong Sourcing & Procurement Capabilities with stringent Processes to ensure best quality for Procurement of Electrical and Mechanical Equipment. We have Experienced Quality Control engineers to Ensure Supply of right quality materials and Equipments to the Customers within the scheduled time.