Cyber Security Services

Safeguard your valuable data, information assets, and IT systems with ABTS’s comprehensive enterprise security services. Our expertise in addressing evolving security challenges and mitigating potential threats ensures proactive protection for your organization in today’s digital landscape.

Protect your data, information assets, and IT systems from data breaches and cyber-attacks with ABTS’s proactive enterprise security services. With the increasing reliance on digital infrastructure and cloud computing, our robust security solutions prioritize the protection of your critical assets and expanding customer data.



Services Offering

Application Security Testing

Assess vulnerabilities in web and mobile applications, addressing issues caused by development pressures and vulnerable third-party APIs.

Server Security Testing

Identify potential risks and secure application servers, which house critical data such as source code, configuration files, and cryptographic keys.

Network Penetration Testing

Evaluate network vulnerabilities, including wireless networks, against attacks like MiTM, DoS, and De-Authentication attacks.

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Perform comprehensive risk assessments of applications, servers, and networks to ensure overall security.

Cloud Security

Secure cloud infrastructure, addressing potential vulnerabilities and misconfigurations often overlooked during cloud migration.

IoT Devices Security

Detect and prevent manipulation of IoT devices, protecting against disruption or misuse by hackers.


Information Gathering

Perform detailed reconnaissance of the application, its architecture, features, and security controls.

Planning and Analysis

Devise a full-scale "Red Team" approach to simulate real-time attacks, minimizing impact and planning attacks during low network activity.

Vulnerability Assessment

Run vulnerability scanners to identify potential vulnerabilities and common issues related to platforms, APIs, and technology frameworks.

Penetration Testing

Evaluate application security by running exploits, leveraging custom scripts, open-source exploits, and in-house tools.


Generate concise reports detailing discovered vulnerabilities, their nature, impact, threat level, and recommendations for mitigation.