ERP Software Services

Discover the full potential of SAP and Oracle platforms with ABTS. Our expertise enables us to optimize operations, drive innovation, and help you gain a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic business landscape.

With a focus on innovation and business agility, ABTS empowers your organization to adapt and thrive while delivering exceptional results through our specialized knowledge in SAP and Oracle applications.

SAP Services

Unleash the true potential of the SAP HANA solution with ABTS’ SAP HANA migration services. Our service offerings include

Strategy and roadmap

Analyzing the business impact and facilitating the transformation to the new S/4 HANA technology.

SAP HANA product demos

Assisting companies in assessing SAP HANA offerings to build a compelling business case.

Optimization services

Fine-tuning existing solutions for the new SAP HANA platform, enhancing performance and efficiency.

Oracle application services

ABTS is a trusted expert in Oracle applications, offering a comprehensive range of services to effectively leverage Oracle technology. Our skilled team specializes in migration, implementation, and support for Oracle applications, maximizing clients’ investments and driving optimal business outcomes. Our Oracle services include

Comprehensive range of Oracle services

Migration, implementation, and support for Oracle applications, allowing organizations to effectively leverage Oracle technology.

Expertise in Oracle applications

Deep knowledge and extensive experience in maximizing clients’ investments and driving optimal business outcomes through Oracle applications. outcomes.

Strategy and roadmap analysis

Providing strategic guidance and conducting thorough roadmap analysis to align Oracle solutions with organizational objectives for a well-planned and effective implementation.

Product demos and assessments

Showcasing the capabilities of Oracle applications through product demos and assessments, enabling clients to make informed decisions.

Seamless migration and implementation

Ensuring a smooth and seamless transition through meticulous migration and implementation processes, minimizing disruptions and maximizing the value derived from Oracle applications.

Optimization services

Fine-tuning Oracle environments to enhance performance and unlock the full potential of the applications.

Trusted expertise

ABTS is widely recognized for delivering reliable, scalable, and innovative solutions in Oracle applications, empowering organizations of all sizes.

Competitive advantage

Leveraging the power of Oracle applications, our services enable organizations to stay competitive in the dynamic business landscape.