Rail Transportation Engineering

What we offer

Ensuring Quality Testing, Commissioning, and Maintenance Services On-Time

Rolling stock

ABTS has been involved in a wide range of activities and played a prominent role in the Metro/Railway sector, undertaking various responsibilities and contributing significantly to the field.

Depot Machinery & Plant

ABTS provides comprehensive operation and maintenance services for depot machinery and plant. We ensure smooth and efficient running of equipment within depots through regular coordination and planning.

Traction Substations

ABTS has total in house Highly Qualified Technical, Trained and Experienced Engineers to provide best services in the areas of Design, Construction, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of Traction substations.

Signaling & Telecom

ABTS provides services related to testing, commissioning, field services, and interface of Signaling and telecom systems including on board signalling and Train Radio equipment. Furthermore, our services encompass the interface between signaling and telecom systems with rolling stock equipment. We ensure the efficient and reliable operation through regular coordination and planning.