ABTS has been working with TADA Electric to establish a good market share in the Indian Market for the products of TADA Electric last five years. TADA Electric Company Limited, Japan is a leading manufacturer of Heat Exchangers (coolers) since November 1963 for Power Transformers and generators.

TADA enjoys high acclaim from their customers for the heat exchangers, cooling system for power transformers of voltages upto 765Kv & generator coolers for hydro and thermal power stations.TADA also has 75% for OFWF coolers and 90% for OFAF coolers of the Japanese market.

To make the UNIT COOLERS more economically viable to our esteemed Indian customers,ABTS under the supervision, guidance and quality control of TADA established Partial production plant in Hyderabad for unit coolers.

Salient features of TADA Coolers:

1. Forced Oil Forced Water Cooler (Double Tube) for Transformer (OFWF Coolers)
  Cooling tube is designed with fins of height 4.5mm which increases cooling surface area which inturn enhances the cooling capacity.
  Inner tube is made of anti corrosive material.
  All water that leaks is led through grooves between outer and inner tube to leak detector.
  The possibility of oil and water getting mixed is completely eliminated.
  As the tube sheets and shell are welded together, there is absolutely no leakage of oil.

2. Forced Oil Forced Air Coolers (OFAF Coolers)

High Quality OFAF Coolers
  Excellent Cooling Performance As the oval type tubes are incorporated,surface area is increased with respect to conventional circular tube.
  Extremely Light and Compact The fan motor is made of FRP and Aluminium therefore the product light weight.
  Excellent Low Noise Performance The coolers are equipped with silencer so that the noise level will be decreased considerably.
  Less Power Consumption The motors used in coolers requires less input power and hence low auxiliary losses.
  Longer bearing life of Motors used in Coolers Due to usage of superior quality bearings, they have longer life.
  Free flow of oil in cooling tubes of the coolers Cooling tubes are free of foreign materials including dust and minute particles there by cooling performance is increased and in turn increases the efficiency of the transformers.